Dumela From Botswana

Originally posted in VoyEdgeRx.com.

When you’re so many hours north of the nearest city, deep in whatever wilderness, you suddenly begin to appreciate the ability to communicate with anyone in the world at any moment you so choose. When that expected luxury is taken away you experience an initial stress followed by lasting relief. When you are unable to communicate beyond shouting range, you no longer can worry beyond shouting range. The illusion you could do anything about anything beyond what’s in front of you is suspended and your reality is simply the present moment in front of you. When your focus dials into what is immediate, all perspective shifts. The past matters less and the future no longer occupies the same real estate we would otherwise allow. There is only the here and now.

As I write this, I do not know when I will ever be able to send it but I do know that right now I am sitting in camp overlooking the Okavango in northern Botswana and it is wonderful. The here and now is a dream. There will be scorpions tonight and last night I had a run in with a herd of impala in the dark, but it’s no worries. Like the flood before me, life just keeps flowing. So dial in wherever you are, enjoy it, the here and now. It is, in fact, a dream, but it is also very real. We have only to bring ourselves into it fully to make this dream our reality.


Nolan Thompson

Nolan is a voraciously curious storyteller. Exploring the world as a writer and photographer to capture moments of life and experience an ever-inspiring definition of living.

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